i am an artist/photographer.  i cannot say what i do.  i photograph an object or a situation that speaks to me.  i cannot say what it is.  i see with my mind’s eye.

years earlier, i learned about being an artist.  for me, i learned that it is a state of mind.  there is a responsibility to be an artist - create or awaken some sense of awareness in the viewers of art.

years ago someone said to me that photograph was nothing but a lie.  that statement changed my mind’s eye.  i never was a photojournalist or a documentarian.  that statement broadened a horizon of my perspective in photography and my mind’s eye.  every photograph has a perspective.  

i view reality as a reflection of self.  when i see an object and photograph it, i create what i see - my reality.
in my formative years, i lived in japan, switzerland and texas.  i lived through different languages and cultures.  my name was pronounced differently depending on the languages spoken.  my identity changed in situations.  

an object changes its identity in different situations.  this is the reality i see.  i photograph in my own reality.